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A mad U.S. general has holed himself up within a nuclear launch facility, and has threatened to fire a tactical nuclear strike on Russia. Luckily Captain Atom and his Justice League are on the scene. He, Amazing-Man, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Maxima come in and breach the general’s defenses. However, the general has already launched one of the nukes. Captain Atom flies off, catching the nuclear missile and detonating it high in the air, absorbing the energies within. On the ground, Blue Beetle says to the U.S. Army that they can thank the “Justice League.” Captain Atom questions whether they have the right to call themselves the Justice League, but the discussion is tabled as Captain Atom brings the group to their new base of operations: Mount Thunder. Mount Thunder was once a U.S. Government secret testing facility that is now decommissioned; or so Captain Atom thought. The team is attacked by robotic sentries, which triggers an alert to the mysterious Mister Synge in Washington D.C. The team defeats the sentries, but finds the base about to be breached by a group Captain Atom recognizes as the Peacekeepers. Meanwhile, Ronnie Raymond is diagnosed with leukemia, and it is in an advanced state. 

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