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Subtitled “Tomorrow’s (Words & Pictures) Today.”

  1. Firm Grip & Manacle Depression - J. G. Thirwell
  2. Six Portraits of American Mass Murderers - Joe Coleman
  3. Events Of January 10, 1999 - George Petros
  4. Air Blast Phenomena & Effects - Michael Andros
  5. The Final Sermon of the Reverend Jim Jones - Darin Lin
  6. The Book of The Fulfillment - Roxanne Blood
  7. We Can Kill You - Robert Luther 267
  8. Submissions - R Kern
  9. Meltdown: The Gun Is Loaded - Lydia Lunch
  10. Love Life - Henry Rollins
  11. Whoregasm - Nick Zedd
  12. Eugenics: The Orphaned Science - Adam Parfrey
  13. How Brunhild was Received in the Atomic Age - Robert R Votta
  14. Police Seize Art 'Evidence' from Bowie Killer - Robert R Votta
  15. Read The Contract - Raymond Pettibon
  16. (Law), Science), Disorder) - Carlo McCormick
  17. They Made It Bad - Michael Andros
  18. The Dangers of the Liberal Mind - Mark Mothersbaugh
  19. Metempsychosis: Sensation & Soul Events - Alex Grey
  20. Teratology - Alex Grey
  21. Man: A Machine - David Paul
  22. New Animals - David Paul
  23. Neo-Jesus - George Petros
  24. Aliens: Friend or Foe? - K Seltzer
  25. Pop Nihilism - Robert Williams
  26. Verifiable Nightmares - Joe Coleman
  27. Black Son, White Sun - J. G. Thirwell
  28. Fraghorn Tornado Rising - J. G. Thirwell







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