One of my favorites...

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I have really enjoyed the Exiles over the last couple years. Along with Bendis' "Powers" series it has been the ish i most look forward to each month.

Sure it may rip itself directly from quantum leap, but the cast of characters are always pretty colorful. Plus the alternate universe thing allows the writers to bend storylines outside of the continuity.

My favorite issues were the ones where Tony Stark had killed off Dr. Doom and took on his cape and mantle, becoming an evil character. He had killed off Reed Richards I believe and Sue Storm ended up marrying Black Bolt of the inhumans, which I thought was a pretty awesome fit.

What's your favorite universe from the exiles?

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Yay, another Exiles fan. I've been on board with Exiles from the very beginning, and I have to say that one of my favorite universes was the one where the Phalanx took over most of the universe.

I also liked the universe where Wolverine was still with Alpha Flight. It had a bigger team than the Marvel Universe AF has ever been. It was just so cool seeing all these characters and trying to figure out how many of them I recognized. And how cool was it that John Proudstar (Thunderbird) became Shaman when the original Shaman retired.

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Yeah, I think it's the most exciting comic on the shelves these days mostly just because they can kill whoever they want. It's very similar to the old "What If" series in that way.

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The old What if...?'s were killer. The ones that have periodically come out lately have been...okay. Nothing too memorable. Kinda doesn't seem the same without Uatu. I do like the "anything goes" attitude of the Exiles. It does suck when a character (like Mimic) is killed off. That's just how it goes. Guess if you get upset a character is killed off, the writers are writing the characters well.

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I always wanted to read the Exiles more, especially after I read the King Hyperion arc involving Weapon-X. Kick-ass story.

#6 Posted by Captain Cascader (1424 posts) - - Show Bio

G-Man from Heck says:

"Guess if you get upset a character is killed off, the writers are writing the characters well."


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Then you're in luck, my friend, because most of the Exiles stories have been collected in Trade form. I'd recommend all of the Judd Winick issues (#s 1-34, with a couple of arcs written by Chuck Austen including the King Hyperion story). Some of Tony's highlights were "The Big M" and "Timebreakers".

#8 Posted by ScoodleDaddle (742 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe I'll check it out.

#9 Posted by tyger_raven (83 posts) - - Show Bio

Please do and let me know what you think.

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Check them all out they are great. I think my favorite though is the one where warlock and the legacy virus combine, turning almost everyone into techo-zombies. That rocked seeing everyone we know in that form. Kinda Pre-Marvel zombies, which also kicks ass!

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I'm not a big Marvel fan and I like it. I'm getting the TPB's (there's a bunch if you don't want to hunt back issues). And it is like a big "What If?," but with continuity - the Old What Ifs were neat, but they jumped around in the Marvel Universe a lot and you didn't know what would be in the next month and had varying degrees of quality and interest to me.

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I think the Exiles are great. I am a big fan of What If!?! And other alternate reality/parallel worlds comics. The Exiles has lots of great stuff, but my favorite is probably issue #11, which Morph and Sunfire hang out for the day. The other Exiles want to go to a nude beach, but don't want to take Morph.

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One of my favorite issues were where Mimic became a brood and almost defeated all the exiles and when they face hyperion. (First time)

I AM SOOOO PISS OFF THAT THEY KILLED MIMIC! He was my favorite character!

But as for alternate universe, not sure yet.

#14 Posted by Kairan1979 (17085 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked the universe when Wolverine was a part of Alpha Flight; the universe with President Tony Stark and Black Bolt marrying Sue Storm was instersting; I can say the same about Vi-Locks universe.

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