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So I see the original Exiles and 2nd Exiles team with Juggernaut, Reaper, Siena Blaze etc were removed from the roster, no mention of them on the page. So should there be a separate team created for those Exiles? Would Marvel even be able to use the name Exiles without buying Malibu? I understand they have next to nothing in common with the current incarnations.

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I agree. They're separate teams. But with the "new" X-Force, it's still the same principle even though it's a different team. So they would stay the same.

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Which leads me to my next question, should there be 2 different Malibu Exiles team pages since the 2nd team with Juggs & friends had nothing to do with the original?

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I only read a couple of the Juggernaut Exiles team. I'll let it be your call.


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