exiles reboot ...... would it work?

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here is what i am advocatieing a complete reboot of  Marvels  exiles  series....  you know why because this used to be a good  series and it can be easily again.... its just that editorial decisions  really  screwed the  storyline   and changed the feel of the book,,  so here is how i would do it.....

keep the original premise........ with the timebroker dishing out missions  to  help  the charcters  fix  broken timelines... forget the entire  timebreakers  incectt thing  or the massive crystal pallace

shake up the cast,.... have the problem with exiles is that the cast got uninspired  and they added  mainstream characters to try and boost sales and i didnt like it and stoped reading it so either ressurect the core  team  or start a fresh  but dont make it an xmen clone team

have the team involved in 616 continuity  in minor ways ie taking back seats during crossovers maybe the space based ones ?

get some decent  writing talent an stick to premice

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Absolutely, I think the original premise worked really well, except keep out of 616 for the most time, they were there too much in the original series already, and there's plenty of other interesting realities out there to visit.
The reason the first team was a big succes i believe was how they took characters that were losers or pretty much unknown in 616 and made them compelling and generally awesome. Then when Claremont came on he used only mainstream characters which quickly became extremely boring. I've read plenty of stories with Psylocke, Shadowcat and Rogue already. Not to say that was the only problem, there were plenty, but a deal-breaker for me.
The last relaunch had the same problem, with the exception of Blink only mainstream characters that were too similar to the 616 counterparts.

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I agree. How hard is to make new characters instead of slightly changing the old ones?
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I wouldn't even touch it. Nothing would compare to the original Exiles series. 

However, they should have been a bit more creative with the newer characters.
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I agree that there is a very slim chance any reboot or new series would come close to the original, but as a fan of alternate universes, I'd love to see something. I do, however, only want to see mutants or X-related characters as the main characters.
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true i totally agree with  you everything  up to  the classic  timebreakers arc of  exiles was amazing  and then it went down hill.... i just think the  book deserves a second chance... i have just been looking at all the creative and wonderful teams people have come up with  in   the make your own exiles  thred  ( mine ended up been captain britain, deaths head I, cloak , shadowking,  ironmaiden and reject)...   i think there would be enough interest in the tittle to   sustain an ongoing series... i agree it worked because the exiles where all losers in someway which the xmen allways have been  however theres alot of other loosers  in the marvel universe that would be wonderfull to get some facetime on an exiles team.

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I miss Exiles soooo much :(
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Same here at one point (dont remember exactly when) eXiles was the only good X-book been published.

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I'm sure many of us here have great ideas for what to do with the Exiles team. What are the chances that Marvel would consider a new writer working on a reboot of this title?

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I loved the Exiles, X-Men + Sliders = Exiles

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I loved Exiles but Claremont absolutely ruined the book

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I think Bishop would fit in exiles considering his experience time traveling. Also it would be a good way to redeem him. That is if he survives Vendetta

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it wasn't editorial decisions and the characters that were added weren't added to boost sales....it was Claremont's writing...he was amazing back when he wrote Uncanny X-men but he still writes like he did back then and the industry has changed and the storytelling methods have changed as well...as for the characters...Claremont pretty much immediately replaced everyone on the team with versions of X-Characters that he had created and even retconned some of the history of the book to better suit a crossover with his Excalibur series

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@kuchiku said:

I miss Exiles soooo much :(

The funny thing with this user is that she said '' I miss you '' in like 5 other threads in a row . Plus she is immature calling people idiots

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The interest for a reality-hopping team is obviously still there, what with the latest X-Treme X-Men title focusing on a group with a similar MO/mission, and the upcoming introduction of Kang's Chronos Corps in the Uncanny Avengers series. The main issue with creating a reboot for the Exiles would have to be having a good writer on the team, along with a proper artist for such an endeavor.

Not only that, but for long time fans of the original Exiles title, there would need to be at least some elements of the original series in this reboot, so that they could reconnect with it and not raise a fuss about it being "different, and therefore it sucks now." The original premise of the Timebreakers is a great starting point, especially given that the team is drawn into this insanity with no idea of who's pulling the strings, only that they have to do this or face tragedy, so that would be a good place to start off with at least. Adding some of the old cast would also help, but they don't have to be on the team persay. Like we saw with the ending of the last series, they were helping form new teams after the Timebrokers abandoned their post, and ended up working in tandem with the Panopticron's representation of Kang to continue the fight.

As for a new team, I agree with fesak and Kairan. I loved reading about characters I had little to no knowledge of before starting the series, and they eventually became new favorites to rival the old, well-known heroes of the mainstream Marvel Universe. If they were to reboot the title, alternates of lesser known heroes with slight tweaks would be the way to go, and the fewer "big names" on the team, the better. People like Ink, Dagger, American Eagle, Speedball, Darkstar, Maggot, Jimmy Woo, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, Slapstick, etc. The ones you rarely hear about, but have just as much appeal and character to them, they would make for a good team.

All in all, a reboot could definitely work. It just needs the right elements and support to get things moving in the right direction is all.

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