Create your own Exiles team

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You can choose alternate universe characters from Marvel AND/OR DC.
Six members total.

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How many members?
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im guessing the usual six?

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@Jake Fury: @litosway357: Six only, OP editted.
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Wolverine: Old Man Logan  


Havok: Age of Apocalypse 
Earth-295 Age of Apoclypse
US Agent: 

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@Jake Fury: nice!
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May Parker (Earth X)

Earth-9997 Earth X

Ultimate Cable/Wolverine (Earth-1610)


Age of Apocalypse(Earth-295) Jubilee

Earth-295 Age of Apolcaypse

Robin the Toy Wonder (DC One Million) 
I dont have time to get a pic

Plastic Man Clone from Justice League:Generation Lost

Hulk 2099

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Hellion (Leader)
 X-23 (Is from a different world than the Exile's Leader) 

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  • Basilisk (Age of X, Leader).
  • Old Man Logan.
  • Rogue (Age of Apocalypse).
  • Psylocke (Earth 616).
  • Chamber (Unknown Earth).
  • Mercury (Unkown Earth).
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 Deathlok (Luther Manning)





 Miss Arrow

 Red She-Hulk
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Blue  Hulk  -  The  Incredible  Hulk  carrier  Enigma  Force of  Captain Universe 

Mimic  -  With  mimicked  the powers  of Colossus ,  Iceman,  Havok , Polaris ,  Angel  and Shadowcat 

Nocturne  - T .  J .  Wagner 

Blink  -  Clarisse  Ferguson 

Puma  -  Thomas  Fireheart 

Hulkling -Female Version of  Teddy Altman  

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Old Man Logan
 Ultra Woman (sue storm)

 aoa sunfire

Spider-Man Noir

 Giant Girl  (Janet Van Dyne)

Age of X: Reaper (Rogue)
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Major Victory

 Major Victory (original Guardians of the Galaxy reality) 


 Colossus (Ultimate)


Ruby Summers (Summers' rebellion reality) 

 Cerebra(X-men 2099)

X-Men: Legacy #245
 Cannonball ( Age of X) 

Uncanny X-men 517
Scalphunter (heroic clone, possibly from house of m)
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Or maybe an all-Summers team consisting of: 
Havok (mutant x) 
Optic Blast!




Ruby Summers (Summers' Rebellion) 




Megan Summers(GeNext)











Cyclops(Shadow X) 



Starbolt/Summer Scott ( New Exiles series)-------sorry couldnt find a pic 




Corsair(Age of Apocolypse/Brood infested but under control)

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   -Marvel Version-      
Death's Head (616 or that one What-If?)
Mangaverse Pyro       
The It (House of M Thing)       
Wild Thing (MC2)   
Captain America (Isaiah Bradley)

DC Version

CatWoman (Guardian of Gotham) 
Green Lantern (Clark Kent) 
Wonder Woman (Tangent) 
Bug (Maximums) 
Flash (Elseworld's Finest)
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Damian Wane as Batman   

Booster Gold   

   Killer Croc 

   Green Arrow  



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dammit pictures didnt work 

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Armor (a reality where she leads the X-Men)
Sway (in a reality where they lived instead of being killed)
Cloak & Dagger (with their powers reversed) 
Gambit (bi-sexual and in a relationship with Northstar)
Pixie (Age of X)
Trance (616)

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Box. Beyond genius level technopath who has a set of power armor just lying around collecting dust till a rainy day.  Powerhouse?

Offshoot of Ultimate Cablerine. Wolverine with the futuristic training and experience of Cable. Not to mention he has a mild healing factor too. Leader?

 Dark Beast. Stark raving genius comes to mind. So does feral beast and sadist. He's a triple threat. Brains?

Spiral. Jack of all trades. Mainly for evac. Second in command?

 Hollow. Nigh indestructable and infinitely sharp. She's a crazy anti social loon with nothing to loose. Bullet Sponge?

 The bonafide power house of the team. SS of his dimension. Definitely a threat. Anchor?


 Dream team up top.
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X-Men: The End

New X-Men: Rockslide


Earth-1610 Ultimate Hawkeye


Earth 1610: Captain Punisher
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 House of M Rogue

 Age of X Dazzler

 DC Legacies Bruce Wayne


 Baron Zemo
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I offer the new rule - let's stick with Marvel characters only. That's Exiles we are talking about, not Marvel vs. DC.

My version of Exiles team:

1. Cyborg Nick Fury (in a reality when he was badly damaged in a battle with HYDRA).
2. Elisabeth Ross aka She-Hulk (in the world where her father General Ross managed to kill her fiancee Bruce).
3. John Jameson aka Mayhem (bonded with symbiote during the mission in space).
4. Wolverine (from the world where he was a king of Madripoor).
5. Lt. Jen Walters (from Special Crimes unit, uses guns and Stanetech battle exoskeleton).
6. Scarlet Wizard (Soviet combat magician, son of Red Guardian and Phantasma).

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captain Britain   (leader)

Deaths head  ..... YES ! (from what if deaths head survived)

shadowking    ( comes  form a highly  immoral world  where he is  not seen as a monster  and xavier is vilified as a boyscout

Cloak     ( from a universe  where his darkness consumed  the entire universe)  the shadow  king  when not possessing  a host lives inside cloaks darknesss as a seperate entity

Iron Maiden   ( earth X)


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Mine is a group that exists as a "Team Beta" of my take on the Marvel Exiles. Alpha is the one usually led by Blink (made up of Sunfire (Mariko), Morph, Mimic, Sasquatch (Heather), and AOA Sabertooth), but Beta consists of (pictures to be added at some point): 
Variants(?) of the Earth-Two Huntress and Robin (since both their bodies, as stated in COIE #12, were never found) 


Kole of the Teen Titans (same as above) 
Dinah Lance, Agent of SHIELD (she's the Black Canary repaint from DC Universe Infinite Heroes, with white boots, gloves, and a white jacket) 

And three Transformers--Dion (TF Collector's club exclusive character) with his Mini-Con partner Cop-Tur 
Side Burn (recent Club exclusive)  

and an alternate version of Optimus Prime (based on the Reveal the Shield tribute to his G2 Laser figure), who in my take is from a world where both the Ark and the Nemesis exploded before crashing on Earth, killing all occupants but Optimus, who was blown out of the Ark and into the Arctic Seas a la Captain America. Upon reviving thanks to a probe from the Ark that survived the explosion, Prime decides to take up the role of an Earth protector, and is brought onto the Exiles after he nearly gets scrapped in the explosion of an old army bunker. 
*Both have rotating members in the form of Checkpoint, an Autobot who turns into a race car (he's a black and white version of the Machine Wars Prowl/Mirage mold with a blue visor eye and a bunch of sponsor stickers on him) and is the TF's answer to Booster Gold; a variant of the Kingdom Come Superman; and a variant of the Kingdom Come Captain Atom (since I found the DC Universe Infinite Heroes TRU exclusive a week ago). 
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I don't have any characters in mind, but some of Marvel's alternate universes have some interesting characters. How one character from each of the following: Marvel 2099, Marvel M2, Eath X, Morgan LeFay's alternate vision from Avengers # 1 - 3, Mojoverse, and Mutant X.

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After much deliberation, I finally created a team. They're all DC characters, so I think of them more as that universe' variant of the Exiles, assigned by the Monitors to accomplish a similar task, as well as "Monitor the Monitors," as their predecessors vowed to do prior to the New 52. They receive their orders from Nix Uotan himself, and their team name is "The Challengers From Beyond."

Snapper Carr: This version of Snapper originates from a universe where he retained his teleportation abilities, and stayed on as a member of the JLA, later mentoring the next generation of superheroes such as Young Justice, who never disbanded in this universe and came to rival the Teen Titans in size and legacy. He acts as the "Blink" of the team, teleporting them to whichever corner of the multiverse Nix Uotan needs them to go to next.

Matter-Eater Lass: Formerly known as "Matter-Eater Lad," this Tenzil Kem hails from a universe where his undercover mission with Kono to dismantle a crew of space-pirates as a woman- via an injection of Grandin's Gender Reversal Disease (See Legionnaires #13-14, circa 1994)- didn't go as planned. The virus bonded with Tenzil's Bismollian DNA, and rendered the changes permanent, leaving her as a woman for the rest of her life. She remained a valued member of the Legion of Superheroes, however, regardless of her gender-change and the teasing of her fellow Legionnaires.

Jubatus: One of the animal-men created by Dr. Moreau (Elseworlds- JLA: The Island of Dr. Moreau), Jubatus was originally a normal cheetah until his mutation at the hands of the good doctor. With his newfound sapience, humanoid form, and superhuman abilities from his animal DNA, Jubatus was a loyal follower of Moreau's, and this loyalty was rewarded by the doctor, as he named Jubatus as a member of his "Justifiers of Law to the Anointed" (or JLA). However, as happened with all of Moreau's experiments, the process soon reversed itself, returning all of his "children" to their primal mindsets, until the entire island tore itself apart in a feral rage, with the Justifiers helpless to stop the rioting animal men and save their "father."

Barbara Gordon, Green Lantern: A resident of the "Created Equal" Universe (Elseworlds: Created Equal), Barbara was named the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 by the Guardians of the Universe- as well as the JLA- for her past services to the cause of justice as both Batgirl and Oracle. In a world devoid of males, heroic or otherwise, the League needed all the help they could get to quell the chaos left in the wake of the plague that eliminated earth's male population. As a Green Lantern, the ring helped Barbara regain the use of her legs, and she happily took up the fight alongside her fellow Leaguers.

Batman: In reality the detective Elliot Ness, this reality's Batman (Scar of the Bat) took up the mantle to skirt the justice system's limitations and apprehend bootleggers and rum-runners during the Prohibition era. Unlike Bruce Wayne, the Ness variant of the Batman had no qualms with killing criminals, going into battle armed with a baseball bat and a Thompson sub-machine gun as he cut a swath of death and destruction through the Chicago underworld. His primary goal as Batman was to take down the crime boss, Al Capone.

The Hawkman: Originally from the Justice Riders' universe (Elseworlds: Justice Riders), Katar Johnson was a protector of the Cheyenne nation, dressed as a majestic falcon. In his activities to keep the frontier safe for his people, Katar was drawn into the conflict between Sheriff Diana Prince and the ruthless railroad tychoon, Maxwell Lord, who destroyed her hometown, "Paradise." Her joined up with her posse to take Lord down, and fought alongside the Sheriff, Kid Flash, and John Jones as a member of the Justice Riders.

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These rosters are awesome. I would love to see any of them published. My fanon version has Jubilee, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Super-Skrull, Dr. Doom, and the son of Spider-Man. I will soon introduce Hank Pym, Sandman, Spidey, and Forge as replacements.

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