tek_pa's Exiles #97 - Where Dreams to Nightmares Grow review

Skipped ahead??

Have you ever read a series, where there was a sudden twist, and you felt that you missed a few things, well welcome to the new Exiles.

Weird twist on a slightly new book. The book followed a pattern, the team would teleport in, get their mission and then port out. But with Chris Claremont as their new writer, the bugs are gone, their safety net has been dropped, and the Exiles are extremely lost, as is the story. The main story really isn't going anywhere, but the smaller stories are. Much like with the Fantastic Four series that Claremont did back during the Heroes Return story, the goal and end of the story is in site. Here's hoping the series can endure long enough to survive it.

Now somewhere, the bugs are out there doing their job. Hopefully before all is said and done, their story can be told. Who they are and why the TVA and the dozens of other groups meant to handle this sort of thing, isn't.

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