mask_of_tengu's Exiles #95 - Starting Over review

Goodbye Heather

Heather Hudson has left the team and is pregnant.

The cover I thought was so is growing on me.

The new art is good...I think it could be better but it is good.

Since Heather is gone I think it is time to get a new member.

It looks like next issue they will deal a version of the Fantastic Four where Dr Doom is leader. It seems like Sue and Johnny are still around and that the Hulk is on the team. This seems to go well with the FF movie about to come out for its sequel and the World War Hulk event that is occurring. Overall it was a good growing issue. Kudos!

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Posted by Tek Pa

Ha ha, Sabertooth looks almost like Capt. Britain in this one. Yes, weird art

Posted by Leliel
@Tek Pa: I particularly like this covert and this one the few issues I have yet to read from them

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