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Psylocke continues to fight Sabretooth, not knowing where she is or that she was brought to help him and the Exiles. Heather watches from the Crystal Palace, unable to detect Psylocke on any of the sensors. Sabretooth eventually gets a hold of Psylocke and tries to put a stop to the fight. Psylocke informs him to look down, not knowing that she used her telekinesis to fly them up above the ground. Sabretooth goes crashing into the palace and Psylocke reluctantly follows.

Unable to resist Morph's charm, Psylocke soon accepts the fact that the Exiles are not evil. She is told about their ongoing mission and that half the team is in trouble. She would rather return to her home. Sabretooth tells her that the Palace's computers selected her as the best choice to save the Exiles and the world that needs saving. She finally agrees.

On Earth-1720, Blink fights against the Hand. Spider-Man has already been subdued. Blink soon discovers that Longshot has been turned by the Hand also. It turns out the person behind all this is Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman.

As Sabretooth, Psylocke, and Morph arrive on the planet, they see the destruction of New York. Captain America arrives followed by his army of Hand ninja warriors. They are then approached by Elektra who teleports them to a secret base. Heather communicates with Sabretooth and shockingly tells him who must die in order for the planet and crosstime to survive.

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