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Amber Hunt grows impatient, desperately wanting to undergo the process that will save her life from the Theta virus. Amber goes into the mRNA process chamber and activates it, hoping that it will run automatically. However, there is a problem, which causes Trax and Doctor Deming's assistant to check it out. Dr. Deming's assistant is unable to fix the problem and contacts Dr. Deming and the Exiles for assistance. The Exiles, however, were on a mission to search for Timothy Halloran but must abandon it to help Amber Hunt. Meanwhile, Ghoul has found the dead body of Tinsel. Ghoul learns from Tinsel's spirit that Bloodbath killed her and decides to avenge her death. He first kills a newly-blind Bloodbath within his own bedroom. Then Ghoul continues to destroy the headquarters and secret laboratory of Malcolm Kort, killing Malcolm Kort, Hot Rox, Bruut, Doctor Wendell Deeters and himself in the process. Meanwhile, the Exiles get closer to the Stronghold, their secret headquarters on an island off the coast of California, when a bolt of energy suddenly strikes from the sky, exploding the island. Trax and Doctor Deming's assistant instantly die. The Exiles were close enough that they were also struck by the explosion, either killing them or making them comatose. Amber Hunt, who was struck by the bolt of energy, survives and takes to the sky surrounded by an energy aura. She will now have to live with the fact that her choice to enter the mRNA chamber has destroyed the Exiles.

The fate of Amber Hunt is continued in Break-Thru #1

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