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The Exiles are left to teach the newly formed Fantastic Four the ropes of super-heroism, as there are no other heros in the world. As the Exiles help the Fantastic Four learn their new powers the group splits up. Mimic and Sasquatch take on the Thing, with much battering around and a fall off the Brooklyn Bridge, Mimic and Sasquatch manage to slow down the Thing. As Mimic pulls Sasquatch out of the water, Thing clocks him in his flesh form; Calvin is hurt internally and cannot revert to metal form.

He instructs Heather to kill him revealing that he was not on the Brood Planet for six months but for four years and he has been implanted with a Brood Egg. Heather tells him no one is going to kill him and Calvin turns into a child of the Brood. Morph and Mr. Fantastic go to a lab where Tony Stark and Dr. Octavius help them to find a way to reboot Thing and help calm him down. They build a ray machine and shoot Thing with it just as he is about to attack Sasquatch. Sunfire, Nocturne, Magik, Human Torch, and Invisible Woman help out in the city, getting people out of the way of danger.

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