aztek_the_lost's Exiles #2 - Sins of the Father review

The Sacrifice of Magnus

To me, the second issue of the Exiles only further expands upon the greatness of the series. It tells of the failures of a team of heroes rather than the successes.

It also shows development for some members of the Exiles: Blink seems to have less control of the team likely because of less confidence in herself. Mimic is a lot angrier and blames himself for the release of Xavier on Phoenix, his pinnacle moment is when he kills the man who he thought was his father.

However, the greatest member of the Exiles in this issue was Magnus who gave his life not only to save his alternate-reality father and the heroes of Earth but to spare the lives of his companions. So it was that I became outraged that only a few panels after his sacrifice the Timebroker has already replaced him.

Other than that, I enjoyed the comic because alternate realities are always interesting. A world where the villains are renown heroes in Earth-616 and the true heroes are imprisoned and slaughtered.

So yes, I do indeed recommend the book, especially if you want to see Magnus in his shining moment.

Posted by deadpool1fanjon

well this was very informative.

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