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Mustang and Catapult find themselves to blame for the death of Timothy Halloran's mother in the fight between them and Bruut and Bloodbath. Bloodbath was able to escape with Timothy Halloran, a young man who had contracted the Theta virus, and left Bruut behind. Mustang and Catapult leave the Halloran house to find the house surrounded by police officers. Some officers enter the house to find Bruut awake and angry. Bruut kills some police officers, fighting Catapult and Mustang again, before he is able to escape by leaping to a helicopter. Mustang and Catapult also escape in the middle of the commotion. Back at Stronghold, the secret headquarters of the Exiles, Amber Hunt is told exactly why she is there by Doctor Deming. Amber Hunt has contracted the Theta virus and it will definitely kill her unless she undergoes an mRNA treatment. Catapult and Mustang arrive to report to Doctor Deming about the mishap over Timothy Halloran and Dr. Deming realizes she will have to get directly attack her opposition to get him from their clutches. The Exiles are told to prepare for a mission at midnight against Malcolm Kort, the other man who gathers people with the Theta virus. Kort and his scientist, Doctor Wendell Deeters, immediately give Timothy Halloran their own form of mRNA therapy but it doesn't go well, as his body seems to refuse the treatment. The Exiles arrive at Malcolm Kort's building to find Timothy Halloran leaping from it, appearing like a humanoid elephant.

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