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The Exiles take a break in an alternate universe. Blink makes Sunfire take Morph with her while the rest of the team goes to a private nude beach. 
Then team goes to an alternate universe for a vacation after their last mission. There Blink makes Sunfire (Mariko Yashida) to take Morph somewhere while the team relaxes on a nude beach. Mariko then convinces Morph to go with her with an excuse that she wants him to go shopping with her at a lingerie store. While at the lingerie store Morph annoys Mariko with his smart-alack remarks with her lingerie making her angry. While changing her clothes Morph reveals he knew that Mariko was trying to get him away from the group. Mariko then apologizes to Morph for tricking him and the two venture out in town when they see a poster involving someone smoking and Morph tells Mariko that miss mother died from lung cancer. 
Meanwhile Blink and Nocturne are relaxing nude on a beach ten miles away. When Nocturne compliments Mimic's butt which soon becomes a joke between her and Blink. Later, Mariko and Morph are enjoying dinner at a local sea food shack where Morph is acting humorous making Mariko laugh. Next, Mariko then tells Morph she is gay which catches Morph by surprise and he calls himself clueless for not figuring it out while the two leave the shack. Finally, Morph will dozens of balloons will beer and turns into a catapult to fling them all at Blink, Nocturne, and Mimic on the beach to get revenge on them. 

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