aztek_the_lost's Exiles #1 - Down the Rabbit Hole review

Looking Back

Well, everyone now knows the popular team that is the Exiles, you also may know that their series has been restarted as the New Exiles. But after this was done I was taken aback, then again I remembered this issue, the first installment in a great series. Perhaps they remembered the success of the first number one and wished to try it out again, I guess it worked.

Now, back to this issue. Exiles #1 was a great comic book to me, it was actually the first Marvel comic I ever read and I can assure you, it did not disappoint. I personally loved learning the origin stories of all these counterparts of unused characters in the mainstream universe.

I also liked how even though the book explained the entire storyline, it also got into some action at the end. The most exciting turning point for me was when Xavier unleashed his power on the young X-Men, throwing them all back and giving them nosebleeds.

The comic also had a healthy amount of humor, which can be credited to Morph. In conclusion, it was just an all-round good comic so even if you just started with New Exiles, I recommend you read the original series too.


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