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Exeter, an enemy of Prince Ethan, who then becomes an ally.

Exeter is a dark-skinned humanoid, he uses a double-bladed axe in battle. In Raven Lands Exeter is a famous Bounty-Hunter. One day, Prince Ethan escapes from his Prince Bron's captivity, and the dangerous and brutal Prince Bron tells Exeter that he must follow Prince Ethan who he then follows to his castle.

Prince Ethan had fought Exeter a quite a few times, but most of the times Prince Ethan won the battle. In one battle Prince Ethan called on the Sigil, he then created the blade of Energy and defeated Exeter.

Exeter had a change of mind and searched for a refuge with Princess Ashleigh. Exeter arrives to the refuge, but it was under attack. Exeter fought those attacking the refuge but the Refuge was destroyed and all the people slaughtered, except for Exeter.

Later it is discovered that Exeter was part of the experiment of Raven, but the laboratory where the experiment was conducted was destroyed. After this Exeter becomes a valuable companion.

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