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The femme-fatal using the calling card the Executrix was a well trained assassin who hired herself out as a  bodyguard to the highest bidder. One of her employers were the elitist group of corporate leaders calling themselves the Wall Street Irregulars. This group of men were all at one time caught committing various financial crimes including such things as inside trading. As the Wall Street Irregulars sought to attempt to seize economic and political control of Star City, and saw the the Green Arrow as a deterant to that success. She was a mercenary that worked under Machiavelli. 

Although an effective and methodical killer, the Executrix failed to defeat the Green Arrow in a one on one combat. She wound up leaving the services of the Wall Street Irregulars as her employers and went on her own on individual paid hits. Sometime later she would reemerge in Gotham City, encountering and fighting the Dark Knight, the Bat-Man. However Bat-Man's superior combat prowess beat her easily and she was defeated.  She has not been scene or heard from since.


The Executrix was a highly  trained martial artist, tracker, weaponeer, and assassin. Equipped and trained on several types of weapons encluding who carried a pair of pretty effective pen sized lasers

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