raven0207's Executive Assistant Iris #0 - Welcome to the Machine review

So many Executives to choose from !

The long awaited (at least for me) return of the Executive Assistant Iris series picks up where the last series left us, with action. The last series leaves us with thinking that Iris might be dead, but you soon find out she isn't. The Hit List Agenda is the story or the arrival of other Executive Assistants and the plans against their employers. Will everyone survive or will everyone die, time will tell. 

The Good :

David Wohl has always been one of my favorite writers cause he is able to tell so much in such little time. The #0 issues is always a tease of what is to come and the story told gives the reader just enough to hook them in the first few pages to keep you coming back. Eduardo Francisco's storytelling goes along great with the Iris world. Its nice to see consistency among the titles. The Variant cover by Micah Gunnell is one of my favorites I have seen in awhile.  

The Bad :

The first thing that stood out when I first opened the book was the roughness of the artwork. There is no inking done and the issue felt like it was rushed through. Like all teasers you are thrown in the middle of a story and it's a hard place to pick up the story. 

Overall :

The Executive Assistant has been a great read so far. I personally think this one will carry on where it left off with Volume 1. I think it is worth the $2.50 to pick it up. 

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