Executioner's Powers

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It has been said that Skurge's powers have been comparable to Thor, however I have never seen him fly with the aid of his axe as Thor does, nor have I seen him retrieve his axe telekinetically.  Has anyone ever seen this?  Prove me wrong.  If not, he could be a much more formidable Thor villain, and you wouldn't have to see Asgard hovering over KC MO to get excited about an issue.  Peace drones.
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Well I've seen a good number of issues and although Skurge and areas seem to share some cosmetic similarities, I assure you Skurge has always been quite a powerful individual.
His strength is supposedly 65 tons, however Skurge's strength, skill and durability in raw hand to hand combat was sufficient enough to compete with the likes of Hercules and the Incredible hulk. Of which Skurge has in fact tussled with Hulk admirably managing to last several pages both dishing and taking each others blows. He also dominated Hercules in hand to hand combat, though considerably weaker than Herc as well, it took a momentary distraction f memory serves correct for Herc to turn the tables and toss Skurge away.
Skurge has also held back the legions of hela with only a pair of guns and finite ammo, which if he truly sought to live he probaly could have with the assistance of his axe. His axe is an interestin item equivilent or superior to Mjolnir, and as an axe it's cutting edge is much more lethal. Skurges axe also had great mystical capabilities as well such as when it destroyed Naglfar though it demonstrated lower capabilities as well such as channeling energy blasts and on off occasions empowering other individuals to lengths that are strangely superior than Skurge himself. I think it's skurges durability, experience, skill and axe that makes him a true threat.

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