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The story starts of with Shatterstarfire and Niles Cable battling againts the Broodlings. Shatterstarfire and Niles fight onwards valiantly and bravely but the creatures continue on to be too strong and too many. Niles says to Shatterstarfire to abandon the battle and go to the X-patrol. Shatterstarfire is hesitant to leave Niles at the hands of Brother Brood's hands but she doesn't have any choice at this point. As she returns, she explains the situation to her team that there is a group or army of creatures hiding underneath Zenosha; and they have taken Niles with them. The team tries to hatch a plan but everything goes of to an unfriendly start due to therecent recruitment of a man named Jericho. Members such as Ferro Man and Beastling question his alliance due to a tragedy that was lead by the recruitment of Hawk and Dagger. Elasti-Girl however, backs up Jericho and says that he can be trusted like anyone of the other members of the team. The scene switches towards Niles Cable who is chained up in a chamber. Upon his despair, a woman came upon him to remind him of the dark future to come. She is called Reveniya the Healer. She reminds him of the great heroes that were lost during his time. Heroes such as the Deaddevil, The Atomic Black Knight, The Black Orchid, Silver Tornado and Niles' lost love; Raveniya herself came surging in his mind. As the X-Patrol enter the Brood Lair, they are ambushed tons of broodlings. They fight onward, rushing to meet their objective which is to find Niles and get out. As they fight forward, they meet upon Brother Brood who is about to start the ceremony which would implant Niles Cable with broodlings. Upon realizing this, Brother Brood sends out a familiar face to go againts the X-Patrol. He sends out the traitor, Terra-X the Destroyer. She tackles Jericho in full combat but thanks to Elasti-Girl, Terra goes down fast. As they defeat Terra, Jericho's Telepathy hears Niles' voice proving that Niles' is still alive. This revelation however is cut short as they are met upon an explosion that takes the entire team down. It was Niles Cable and he is under the control of the brood. Jericho then says that he must be defeated since he himself knows the future to come if they are defeated. This knowledge of the future jericho posseses alarms some members but the battle still goes on. They realize that the only way to prevent Brother Brood's plan to conquer the earth using both niles and the broodlings is by killing Niles himslef. The X-patrol tackle Niles at the same time but Niles lets out another explosion that takes out the entire team leaving jericho alone to face him. As the battle continues between both individuals, Jericho gets hit by one of niles attacks which destroys Jericho's rocky "skin". The rocky covering surrounding Jericho's entire body is just a disguise, he is actually Niles Dayspring, an earlier form of Niles Cable. Niles Dayspring or Jericho lets out his Soul Self which defeats Niles Cable and kills Brother Brood. This also defeatsthe brood inside of Cable. Upon Cable's defeat, the Techno Virus that is locked deep whithin him starts to emerge upon his body which is slowly killing him. Upon, what seems to be Cable's slow death, Raveniya emerges and says that it isn't his time yet and heals him of the virus. The team were shocked and at the same time joyful of the outcome. With both the Brother Brood and the brood inside cable dead, Niles speaks to the team and says "To the future X-Patrol"

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