How good is the original Excalibur series?

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Because i was thinking about picking some of the issues up, when i came across a cool cover of Meggan, but i wasn't too sure. I'm also a big fan of Kitty and Nightcrawler.

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It varies. The TPBs are divided up into about 6 issue blocks called Excalibur Classic. The first is really rather amazing. Really fun stories, amazing Alan Davis art and a good set of characters. The second one is also good, apart from a few issues where Davis isn't on art, and as the TPBs go on, there is less of that. The Davis issues are really the best, which leads me to the point that there are other TPBs collecting later issues that are called Marvel Visionaries: Excalibur by Alan Davis or something to that effect, and those are the issues that are really memorable. However, in order to understand the stories in those books, you might want to check out a few of the earlier ones. When it comes to the Cross-Time Caper (which takes up more than one trade), it all gets a little complicated but remains a lot of fun, although continuity-heavy (there are plot strands that start in issue #1 but don't get resolved until issue #50, pretty much). I'd recommend all of them, but especially the Davis issues. Best to start at the beginning though.

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thanks :D and i'm now excited to read them :]

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you should be@!  
I was a big fan of the first few arcs on Excalibur 
it was a great series 
you'll enjoy it
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I really enjoy them but they do get really wacky and strange, which was kinda part of the charm.

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like Widget.....that was a weird idea
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@PrinceIMC: LOL how wacky? :P
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the cross-time capers were wacky because they are the original 'sliders' or 'exiles' if you will. on one issue youll see the team rate contestants ina  beuty pagent and they all are dressed like captain britain. another cover would be showing lockheed being charged by an authurian knight. those were good issues. i have all but one of the original series. only one thats missing is #125 where brian and meggan get hitched. 
along the way during hte original run, the british x-men will have memeber disappear for a while, have old familiar faces join them, new faces who appear in one issue and dont show up until some time later.  
brian, meggan, kurt, racheal, kitty and lockheed are the founders while kylun, cerise, feron, micromax, widget and pete wisdom are the new faces and amanda sefton, colossus, mimic, wolfsbane and warlock [in the form of cypher] are from pages of long ago :-P 
during mid-series the team gets more involved with their american counterparts and get involved in their storylines. i.e.. inferno, onslaught, fatal attractions 
on the back of like he first 12 mags youll see portraits on each member and i forget which one but it has a group photo of them in the phoenix  
it starts out cute and innocent then turns more gritty and involved witht he x-univeres
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@umbrafeline: Thank you so much :D
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if you can find #125 for me ill be grateful
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buy it for me and ill repay you in magic beans

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@umbrafeline: Magic beans... tempting :P
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mhmhm some issues where Davis wasn't on the art were really bad.. like #18...
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I loved the old Excalibur and I want it back

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- It was the X-Factor of it's day, a small group of X-related characters that had their own storyline mostly independent of the crossovers

- The quality of the title varied a lot over the 125 issues, but overall it was one of the better titles during its run

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I have ever issue and almost every appearance of the original Excalibur team. I really enjoyed the series especially in the earlier issues.

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Fantastic series.

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