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The future: year 2013, paper flies through a graveyard with the graves of Kurt Wagner, Charles Xavier, Scott Summers, Bobby Drake, and Ben Grimm. The Sentinels have taken over America. Kitty Pryde and Colossus moved to the U.S. and married, Amanda Sefton has been killed by her mother, and Douglock has disappeared.

Deep within the caverns below Braddock Manor, Wolfsbane monitors the violence around the world on a screen. Pete Wisdom, bald and wheelchair bound gives a mission to the remaining members of Excalibur- Captain Britain, Wolfsbane, Psylocke, Meggan, a woman called Tangerine, and Karma. He knows where Douglock is and wants Excalibur to find them. Karma "rides" Captain Britain by possessing him telepathically.

Excalibur flies into the city and head into a building via the roof. A swarm of Brood-like techno-organic "Warliquids" attack them. Tangerine and Psylocke attack a brain that controls the door to their escape. Upon opening the door the see Douglock strewn about like a spiderweb, he now serves as Black Air's operating system. An unnamed man points a gun at Captain Britain's head and Brian Braddock awakens back in the present, remembering this all as what he saw happen to Excalibur and England in 2013 as he went through the timestream.

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