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Excalibur makes a crash landing in Genosha. They're there at the request of British Intelligence to find the origin of ammunition killing mutants in the Genoshan civil war. They encounter a group of starved mutates fleeing from human guerrillas hunting them with the weapons. Super-powered mutates strike back at the guerrillas and one of them threatens Pete Wisdom believing him to be human. Wisdom eviscerates him and immediately feels bad about what he's done. Excalibur collects a sample anti-mutant bullet and high tails it out of the battlefield.

Meanwhile on Muir Island, Moira and Rory discuss someone stealing their data. Back in Genosha the Sugar Man monitors Excalibur's activities in his hidden base.

Governor Ransome and Britannic (Captain Britain) have a discussion about the problems in Genosha and reveals that his father, Sir James Braddock, helped create the bullets now being used against mutants by harvesting the skin of a mutant named Pizer. She takes him, Philip Moreau, and the rest of the team to Dr. Moreau's old lab. Philip remarks on how shameful his father's work was and Douglock begins to meld with the computers and absorb their information. Douglock learns that Dr. Moreau didn't start the mutate process but that it was given to him. Sugar Man, looking on remotely, decides they've learned enough and blows up the computers and lab with the press of a button. Excalibur races out while a couple members of Black Air look on pleased at whats transpired.

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