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Captain Britain awakes to find his fellow teamates gone. Nightcrawler has gone to California, Shadowcat is visiting Professor Xavier's school, and Phoenix is visiting her brother. But where is Meggan? Clark Kent and Lois Lane makes a cameo appearance as Captain Britain flies past. Finally Captain Britain finds some action as he saves a mother and child from a car, but in doing so loses his pants. It is further realised that his powers are partly drained when he has to take a taxi.

Meanwhile at Coney Island, Meggan cries over her mistakes, and reminisces about her time as the Gobling Princess. Before long she is encountered by a group of women. They bring her to their place worried for her well-being. After giving her some respectable clothes they go out but afraid of the Inferno Meggan changes again, and meets a man. He attemps to take advantage of her and meggan lets her powers manifest.

Shadowcat arrives at Professor Xavier's school only to see the New Mutants. A verbal fight begins, mainly to do with the state of the school and the late Doug Ramsey.

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler has stolen the Blackbird, though it is his, and Phoenix visits her baby Brother.

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