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Meggan is mourning the loss of Captain Britain in a waterfall and hasn't slept, ate, or moved and Nightcrawler is worried. Micromax welcomes Kitty back and is also upset. She storms past him and doesn't want to partake in the training session while Kylun looks on from a tree branch. Kylun surprises Micromax and they have a long talk.

Kitty is in her room crying and reflecting on the loss of Captain Britain, Doug Ramsey, and her friend Illyana who has the legacy virus. Feron comes in and awkwardly offers some consolation. Nightcrawler walks into the mansion and gets swept away by Cerise who lays a kiss on him. Nightcrawler lashes out at her insensitivity to Captain Britain's passing and she flies away crying.

Meanwhile Micromax and Kylun are training in the forest when the Starjammers show up. Phoenix (Rachel Summers) alerts Nightcrawler that they're under attack and he bamfs into the forest where he sees Kylun flying through a tree. Corsair announces that the Starjammers want a Shi'ar fugitive they believe Excalibur to be harboring. Before they can figure out who Micromax attacks the Starjammers, bringing both teams into the brawl. Phoenix says that she's not going with the Starjammers but Ch'od tells them they're not after her and Corsair drops the bomb that they're after Cerise for mass murder. Cerise then appears and gives herself up, Nightcrawler tries to stop her but the Starjammers take her away. Phoenix detects where they've taken her and then teleports the team to some alien planet where Cerise is being handed over to Shi'ar guards.

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