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Within his realm, Nightmare induces torturous dreams in the members of Excalibur, while the Bamfs, who seek Kitty Pryde's undivided devotion, watch gleefully:

Nightcrawler, crippled like Professor X, witnesses the reenactment of the night he was rescued from a mob of villagers, with the Professor in Kurt's place and Bastion leading his Sentinels as the mob.

Piotr Rasputin's newly successful art career is interrupted by the appearance of his family as walking corpses intent upon burying him.

Kitty relives the endless bickering of her parents.

Douglock is harassed by the Phalanx.

Meggan weds Brian Braddock, but is unable to maintain her human apparance.

Only Pete Wisdom resists Nightmare, and he shows the demon how his teammates truly deal with these bad dreams:

Meggan's beautiful spirit shines through her inhuman facade; Colossus accepts his family's deaths; Douglock divests himself of any connection to the Phalanx collective; and Nightcrawler defeats Bastion. However, Kitty, plagued by her current emotional state does nothing. Wisdom forces Nightmare to release his teammates. They wake up in their research center on Muir Isle, and Kitty and Pete prepare to confront their troubles.

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