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Nightcrawler awakens to find himself, battered and bloody, in an unknown location, surrounded by a trio of aliens.

At the Muir Island Genetic Research Center, Pete Wisdom broods about being unable to locate Nightcrawler, when Meggan informs him Cerebro has found Kurt Wagner's bio-signature. The team prepares to venture to Venice, from where the signal originates.

Meanwhile, the aliens holding Nightcrawler prisoner explain they are mutated Sidri Hunters. Kurt begins to recall events that transpired after the X-Men 's first battle with the Brood: about to return to Earth with the Starjammers, they encountered a disabled Sidri ship; after debating whether or not to aid the aliens, Corsair decided against it. Unwilling to accept the decision, Kitty Pryde, with Kurt's aid, surreptitiously fired a capsule containing what she thought was a "revitalization serum" to the injured aliens. The result of this was that the Sidri were mutated by the serum, allowing them to survive, but they were then considered outcasts by the rest of their species. They have now come to Earth for revenge.

Excalibur's jet, the Midnight Runner, arrives in Venice, then dives into the canal where the Sidri ship lies submerged. The aliens fire at and sink the jet. While Wisdom attempts to pull the unconscious Meggan and Douglock to the surface, Colossus attacks the Sidri ship on his own.

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