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Kitty Pryde searches for her dragon Lockheed in the sublevels of the Muir Island Research Center. Douglock startles her when he shows up to help. As they talk, she realizes that he has feelings for Rahne Sinclair, but has difficulty dealing with these emotions. He comes to a decision and leaves abruptly.

Pete wisdom remains a prisoner of his former lover Sari St. Hubbins in Kassel, Germany. She never forgave him for turning her in when he learned of her assignment to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, but now she is an operative for Black Air, assigned to kill him.

Piotr Rasputin and Meggan return to Muir Island, while Douglock leaves to follow Rahne to her New Mutants reunion in the U.S. ( to be continued in The New Mutants: Truth Or Death).

At the same time, a message from S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives for Kitty, forcing her to cut short the search for Lockheed, who finally manages to escape the clutches of the creatures holding him.

In Germany, after slowly working his chains with his "hot knives", Wisdom breaks free, and overwhelms Sari. He tells her to keep Black Air off Excalibur's backs, or else.

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