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Excalibur has been stuck in Hong Kong for a week. Piotr Rasputin comforts Meggan who is pining for the departed Brian Braddock, while the rest of the team learn Dr. Rory Campbell has arranged flights for them aboard Shaw Industries shuttles. Wary of Campbell's possible fate as Ahab, Kurt Wagner asks Pete Wisdom to hack into Shaw's network for data about Campbell. Pete also accesses a video message from his ally, Jardine, who is killed on the video, but not before he provides a lead for Pete to find in Hamburg, Germany.

Later, the group are dining out when Kitty Pryde is possessed by the spirit of Ogun. She attacks her teammates until Pete forces Ogun from her body by threatening to kill her if he doesn't let her be.

The next day, the team splits up, boarding three separate jets: Kitty and Rahne Sinclair head for Muir Island, Kurt and Pete make for Germany, and Poitr and Meggan fly to France for some rest and relaxation. Over the Swiss Alps, however, Piotr discovers that their pilot is a suicide assassin who detonates the bomb strapped to his body.

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