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Spiral teleports Excalibur to Hong Kong to rescue Brian Braddock from the base of the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn. Outside the base, as the team debates how to get inside, a ghostly monk once again appears to Meggan. Unseen by the others, the monk, Xiandu, explains to her how, centuries ago, he and three others survived the fall of the Ming dynasty. To restore China, they were initiated into the covenant of the Crimson Dawn. The other three, however, were corrupted, and murdered the monk so as to gain power, becoming the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn.

Inside the base, the Dragons attempt to siphon Captain Britain's power, as he struggles to resist. Then A'yin senses Xiandu has entered the compound. Barak seeks him out, but is attacked by Excalibur, as Meggan tries to locate Brian, who, instead of being drained of his power, is absorbing the power of the rift between Earth and the Crimson Dawn. Then, as the team arrives, Brian, with Meggan's aid, releases, then reabsorbs the energies in order to seal the rift. Defeated, the Dragons vanish.

Later, a now powerless Brian tells Meggan he is taking a leave of absense from Excalibur.

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