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At Excalibur's headquarters, after a swordfighting drill with Nightcrawler, Colossus is approached by Amanda Sefton, who informs him, she's leaving Excalibur, but won't tell Kurt.

Meanwhile, in London, Brian Braddock battles the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn, three mystical beings who want to use Brian's power to expand the Crimson Dawn to Earth's dimension. Meggan lies unconscious as Spiral observes. Brian knocks out the massive six-armed Barak, but is hauled miles away by A'yin.

Back on Muir Isle, Kitty Pryde interrupts Pete Wisdom just as he deletes an email from an unrevealed female. Kitty then joins Rahne Sinclair for a girls' day out.

In London, Meggan regains consciousness in time to catch Brian who has just been hurled toward the ground by A'yin while she catches glimpses of a ghostly monk who also wears the mark of the Crimson Dawn.

Ra'al reminds Spiral of her obligations, and she replies by teleporting Ra'al and Brian elsewhere. Meggan tells Spiral they must contact Excalibur. Spiral agrees, all-too-willingly.

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