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Shadowcat, still believing Douglock is truly the late Douglas Ramsey, phases back up from Douglas' grave, fearing Douglock has hidden someone else's corpse in the casket. He and Wolfsbane nearly convince her that is not the case, that the corpse below is Douglas.

Back on Muir Island, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Pete Wisdom prepare to battle the Mutant Liberation Front. The attackers consist of team leader Moonstar (actually, an infiltrator into the terrorist group), Forearm and Wildside, as well as an armed point team. The MLF makes their way through the facility (with the unconscious Captain Britain and Meggan in tow), searching for the Xavier Protocols (files detailing methods to eliminate the X-Men). Colossus and Wisdom ambush and subdue the point team, but when Nightcrawler confronts the MLF with a concussion grenade, he can't act for fear of injuring Captain Britain and Meggan.

The Excalibur members regroup in Moira's control room, where she remotely maneuvers the MLF into separating from Brian and Meggan, then blocks their way with a force field. Moonstar takes advantage of the obstacle to abort the mission.

In the States, having tried and failed to awaken Douglock's memories with a trip to a favorite pizza parlor and Douglas' childhood home, Kitty finally accepts that Doug is dead, and not within Douglock.

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