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On Muir Island, Douglock wakes from a nightmare, Colossus broods about his place in the world, and Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom argue. In Dr. Moira MacTaggert's lab, she and Nightcrawler discuss what to do about the Xavier Protocols (files detailing how to eliminate the X-Men).

Upstairs, Douglock, who has joined Kitty and Pete, becomes angered by Pete's harassment and Kitty's insistence that he is really Douglas Ramsey. Kitty, Douglock and Wolfsbane agree to return to their old stomping grounds to determine Douglock's true nature.

Once they've departed, the Muir Isle facility comes under the attack of the Mutant Liberation Front, led by Moonstar (who has covertly infiltrated the terrorist group). Captain Britain and Meggan are the first to fall as the MLF begin to search for the Xavier Protocols.

In the U.S., Douglock, Kitty and Rahne arrive at the cemetery where Douglas' grave lies. Kitty phases underground, expecting to find an empty casket, but instead finds a corpse.

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