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When the Sith Emperor and his Dark Council formed the Sith Empire on Dromund Kaas from the remnants of the Great Hyperspace War, The Emperor knew he would need strong Sith Lords to attack the Republic. The Sith Emperor would choose Exal Kressh as his apprentice due to her powerful connection to the Force and the notable lineage to one of the original Sith Lords from Korriban, Ludo Kressh. Exal was personally trained by the Emperor making her more powerful than the average Sith Lord and making her more than arrogant in that fact. Little did she know that Vitiate wanted to hollow her mind out and replace it with his own to create his own "children".

Fighting the Sith

After finding out about the Emperor's plans to circumvent her mind Exal left her duties at the Kathol Rift and went into hiding, using hit and run tactics against various Sith targets. In repsone the Dark Council assigned Teneb Kel to kill the former apprentice as part of his own training. They met and dueled at Lenico Coloney Blue and Exal clearly had the upper hand. Exal destroyed the station, but Kel was able to walk away alive.

She made it her mission to bring down her former master for this betrayal. Exal went far enough to assist the Republic in there assualt on Korriban. During this battle Teneb Kel again found and dueled his target. Despite wielding greater Force ability and being a better duelist, Exal took several blaster bolts to the chest from Teneb's salve Maggot and was then struck down by the Sith Apprentice himself.

Powers and Abilities

Having been trained by the Sith Emperor himself, Exal has more powerful than any of the other Sith Apprentices and even many of the Sith Lord's. Exal was able to kill numerous other Sith on Korriban and out duel Teneb Kel twice. Exal's lightsaber style was ferocious and relied on leaps combined with two handed strikes in order to over power other fighters. She was dextrous enough to redirect lightning with her lightsaber, shown during her duels with Teneb Kel. Her own Force Lightning was very strong and could sear flesh and bypass personal armor quite easily. She even overloaded the lightsaber of other Sith with her Lightning. Quite possibly her strongest power was her telekinesis. Exal was able shatter a stone pillar in the Sith Academy and critically damaged the Lenico Coloney Blue's machinery may applying pressure to key components. Due to her personal training with the Emperor she had a strong force bond with him and even after her defection he sent commands, threats, and taunts via telepathy. Beyond her Sith training Exal seemed to be incredibly durable as she was able to take 2 blaster bolts to the chest and still be ready to battle.

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