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Overview:EVO (Enviromental) Troopers are the Empires experts in warefare and cleanup in hostile enviroments. EVO's were given specialized training in dealing with uncivilaized locals and armor capable of withstanding high heat, cold, acid, electricity, and enemy fire. EVO Troopers were pulled from existing Stormtrooper ranks. EVO Troopers recruited soliders based on racist hatred for non human aliens. This made it easier for the EVOs to operate in the Empires best wishes. They were often tasked with setting equipemt in dangerous/toxic areas while clearing out local species.

Major Actvities:As stated before EVO's were normally deployed to uder developed worlds to clear out indigenous species so the Empire could build whatever and wherever they needed. EVOs saw deployment on Kashyyk to help control the Wookiees and capture them as slaves, Raxus Prime due to the junkyard planets waste and atmosphere, and Felucia where the local felucians were giving Imperal troops problems by attacking anything landing on the planet. EVOs not deployed in the field were often used onboard the first Death Star as mechanics in some of the more unsafe areas.

Equipment:The main weapon of the EVO Trooper was the FA-3 flechette launcher which shot miniature shards of metal in a shotgun like blast. Some were equipped with the T-21 light reapting rifle like their Sandtrooper comrades. The most unique aspect of the EVO Trooper was the enviroment stormtrooper armor. With extra armor and a sealed air supply the EVO Trooper could operate in an acid river, deep jungle, or toxic gas. The marvel of the armor was what happened if shocked. When struck by electrcity or force lightning the armor would absorb the charge and could redirect it into the flechette launcher for extra damage.

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