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The reprinting of Evil Ernie 5 from 1992 with some new additional cover art and black and white art after the main story.

Mary, faced with the fruits of her work, is shocked and disgusted by Ernie who says she is his mother. She shots him in the face and knocks him down and out as his minions writhe in pain. Smiley, his button, growls and Ernie sits up. Mary is staggered and asks him what is he going to do.... Ernie replies he is going to see the family and drives daggers into Marys clothing, pinning her to the ground as he heads off to kill her family.

In Ernie's head Lady Death rages. She is concerned that he is distracted with personal vendettas instead of focusing on death, knowing that such acts make him vulnerable.

Price meets up with Mary again and they chase after Ernie who gets to Mary's house first and leads the charge to kill everyone inside. His first victim brings Lady death to our Plane and she tells him to concentrate on murder and spreading the plague. Ernie manages to avoid listening to Lady Death until she has to return to her plane again and he finds two of Mary's children. Mary arrives outside in a military vehicle and after a moments distraction she fires missiles into Ernie who survives and charges at her his body on fire.

Price knocks him away and they fire again, blowing Ernie into a crater in the ground. Inside the remains of Marys house the smiley button lies on the ground looking perfectly normal.Stone picks up the button and pricks himself on the pin. Sometime later Stone is fevered and sick and his arm is a bubbling mass of smiley faced boils.

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