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As Lady Death bathes in blood Ernie plays with a rubber duck as he ponders on how to return to earth to continue his quest of megadeath for his mistress.

At the senate hearing Dr Young is being questioned about Ernie. She tells them everyone knew Ernie and knew his parents abused him but that no one did anything as they were the local mill owners and employed a great number of people. Mary wanted to cure Ernie to say sorry for not doing anything to help him before he murdered his parents.The questioner accuses her of just trying to make money and using Ernie as a famous serial-killer to help sell her technology she then starts to blame supernatural powers for Ernie's rampage.

Stone is called to give evidence, as the owner to the rights of the Neurotech machine Dr Young built from Dr Prices dream-probe. He is feeling sick and is seeing smiley buttons everywhere. In Stone's mind Ernie is calling the dead from the graves in the endless-graveyard as Lady Death looks on wondering what he is up to. Ernie asks her to raise up a massive storm and she gladly complies. Stone's mind is a maelstrom and his evidence becomes erratics and confused as the smiley faces multiply before his eyes.

Stone's mind breaks and he speaks like Ernie, Dr Price bursts in with shotgun in hand and shoots the raving Stone before he Ernie can take control. Dr Young tries to stop him but its too late and, like Lady Death, Ernie is rises from Stones bloody corpse and thanks Dr Price for making his resurrection possible.

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