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In the chaos Mary and Billy escaped the bunker and Ernie is preoccupied with revenge for his mistress. Homicide is afraid that he has lost his vision for the task at hand and his use of live humans when he should be out making more dead-onez.                                                                                                                            
As Ernie sleeps in hopes of finding Pagan, Chastity watches as she weighs up what she should do. 

Ernie reaches hell and defeats Pagans guards and starts slaughtering his council of leaders in an extremely bloody battle. Pagan holds Vassago hostage and warns Ernie that he will behead Lady Death's horse if he tries to kill him. Smiley take things into his own hands and rolls over to Pagan unnoticed and bites his foot, Pagan drops the axe and Ernie turns it around on him.. chopping off Pagan head.  
Ernie drops off Vassago with Alfred and returns to earth to find Chastity stood before him. She tells him shes no longer going to try and kill him and if he wants to he can come help her on a murder spree headed towards Gracelands. Ernie bellows at her and she runs off broken hearted.

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