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The first few pages get us up to speed with what has been happening with Lady Death since the last time we saw Evil Ernie. Her battle with Purgatori, her demonic persona (Lady Demon's) separation and the battle between her and Purgatori that lead to Purgatori's banishment. Lady Deaths own imprisonment at the hands of Purgatori and Pagan.

Evil Dreams of the Endless Graveyard and finds it abandoned and wiped almost clean. He is set upon by demons but slays them all. When the demon in charge attacks they have a huge battle but again Ernie wins and continues his search for his mistress. He meets Pagan who tells Ernie that Cremator has banished his mistress from hell and points him in the direction he needs to go for his revenge.

Price, now equipped with bionic arms, meets the president, who tells him that they are going to leave Ernie alone since he hasn't made a move Westward since the fall of Manhattan. Dr Price shots the president for his idiocy and goes after Ernie himself again.

In the remains of the Manhattan underground Chastity meets with the remains of New York's vampires who charge her with dispatching Evil Ernie for them.

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