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Dr Price resurrected the man who fought Ernie in the cathedral with bionic attachments and his ghoul blocking technology, creating and undead warrior to face Ernie. They seed the city with flyers directing Ernie to their base as an obvious trap.

Ernie dispatches the resurrected foe with ease as Dr Price charges in with the real plan to finish him off. Dy Young is worried, she is not sure why but the information that Nurse Goodwill gave them on how to defeat Ernie now seems too easy. Price dons a suit and blasts sound at Ernie as he pounds him with heavy weapons fire. But Ernie simply takes the beating before turning the tables on Price.

Mary finally works out that the sound idea was just a decoy, a decoy to cover the fact she mentioned that the button she pinned on was the important information. She communicates it to Price who is loosing the battle and with a lucky shot shoots Smiley off Ernie's jacket. Taking advantage Price blasts Ernie, who can no longer regenerate, leaving his corpse twisted and suspended on chains.

In Hell Lady Death's torment continues as now her mothers ghost comes to tell her she is still not at rest and being held captive by an unnamed female being.

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