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The blast of Ernie's destruction killed the soldiers who vaporised him and Smiley remains unconscious at the bottom of the crater. Janelle visits smiley in the crater and revives him. She is angry that her power was used here to kill and wants to redress the balance. Slowly the green glow of arcane energy ripples through the earth, it grows and forms, splitting and branching as things form into bone like shapes. Slowly a body rises and binds and forms into a shape thats not unlike Evil Ernie.                                                    
 Chastity is trying to sense Evil but can't find him even after his body starts to reform. As Ernie starts to walk he finds dead-onez won't respond to him anymore but Chastity catches up with him and they kiss. As he prepares to leave the remaining cybernetic soldiers appear and saying they are under his control.
At NORAD confirms that the remaining 3 missiles hit their targets. 
Homicide visits the corpse of Billy and laments he wasn't able to kill him and bring him into un-life himself but he does have a use for him. Homicide touches his lips and leaves. Mary wants to see Billy and when they find him he appears to be alive.

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