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Ernie is tired of being messed around and demands information from the man. He tells Ernie he died at the moment Lady Death returned to earth at the hand of Purgatori and now he is The Faithless One, able to sense unnatural beings.They are interrupted by thugs that hey both kill with ease and the vampire impresses Ernie with some of his moves.

Purgatori examines Chastity's mind and relives her history including the fact she bested Jade, one of Purgatori's worst enemies. Chastity is very weak so Purgatori supplies her with a female to feed on, she refuses to split innocent blood so Purgatori kills and feeds on her herself. the goddess disguises her form and she takes chastity to a classy lesbian bar

The Faithless one takes Ernie to a museum where they gather bones for a ritual to reduce Puragtori's power. Ernie is skeptical of magic but goes along with it. He then drives them to the Manson house where a séance is in progress. Serendipity appears and scares the people trying to contact the dead. Ernie and co arrive and take them hostage for use in the ritual they have planned.

Serendipity is curious about Ernie and tries to read him but soon finds that was a terrible mistake as she encounters the force of the deadmind.

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