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In an L.A. bar Evil Ernie skulks, causing no trouble when the L.A.P.D. burst in and arrest everyone. The clientele mutate into beasts and slaughter the cops. Ernie leaves, he is on a mission to Find Chastity. 
Two Days earlier in Kentucky Ernie is planning to use the nuclear strikes he set off to antagonize countries into firing on each other.. so far they have resisted... and theres something else.. a feeling thats bothering him. 
Mary, Judy and Sam have setup a battle force to take down the dead and are working their way through the city and even face off with Ernie's new cyberdead. 
In a flame filled room a figure plays with a corpse as she chants and works her necromancy she achieves her goal. A young woman doubles up and spits a mouthful of fire, more and more pours out until it forms the winged figure of Purgatori. She calls out to Fairchild and knocking Chastity unconscious she spirits her away through a portal and taunts Lady Death's herald to follow. 
Ernie uses Smiley's connection with chastity to track her and they fly west to California. There he sulks the streets looking for his love. A figure approaches in the dark and offers to help as he knows where she is and how to defeat Purgatori.

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