emperor_gonzo_noir's Evil Dead 2 review

One of my personal favs

One of the beauties of Evil Dead 2 is that you don't really need to see Evil Dead 1. It stars Bruce Campbell as the lead character and witless protaganist Ash. The basic plot is that Ash (or Ash and his friends) have released evil spirits which kill and then possess them so they can kill the rest of them. Now  ***SPOILER*** Ash survived the last movie, and he is not doing well he gets possessed , starts going insane, gets beat up, fights more demons and loses his hand . This film was one of the film that Sam Raimi that (before Spider-man) he was best known for. It blends bizarre horror and dark and slapstick humor wonderfully and it features a guy with a chainsaw prosthesis. Now keep in ming that this isn't the "Citizen Kane' of Horror/Comedy by any means but it is damn entertaining and well worth the price to rent or even buy. "Groovy"

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

semi-botched this review, sorry to those who read it

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