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Major Story Arcs

The Client

One wild night

With the arrival of of King T'Challa, the Black Panther, Everett is put on assignment to escort him during his visit to New York City. Surprised that T'Challa brought company in the form of Zuri, Nakia, and Okoye, Everett must drive the entire group in his two seat convertible car. Another surprise for Everett is the fact that T'Challa would like to stay in a housing project rather than a luxurious hotel. While stopping for Chinese food, Everett is picked on by a street punk named Manuel Ramos. The encounter is then ended by local police officer Sergeant Tork. Realizing that his identification is missing, Everett comes to the conclusion that Ramos stole it, so he tracks him down to a local strip club, in which a brawl involving Zuri, himself, and a group of strippers breaks out. The fight results in the loss of Everett's pants and Black Panther, his entourage, and Everett getting their mugshots taken. The entire group is later freed on the grounds of diplomatic immunity. Following the lockup, Black Panther goes out to further investigate into the Tomorrow Fund scandal, the sole reason why he's in the US. Back at the housing project, Zuri proceeds to give Everett a history lesson of Wakanda until a knock on the door results in the visit of a demonic being.

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