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The first Evelyn Necker to appear in Marvel continuity was from Earth-8410. A true mad scientist and member of A.I.M., Dr. Evelyn Necker created Death Wreck, Death's Head II and Death Metal. With the exception of Death Wreck, however, all of her creations rebelled against her. When she was introduced to American Marvel characters, a running gag was that her name or middle name was that of a character's mother, as seen in her initial interaction with Reed Richards in Death's Head II #2 - The Wild Hunt - part two - Reed Richard dies tonight!. However, despite her affiliation with the A.I.M. of 2020, Dr. Necker helped Death's Head II and his companion, Tuck, defeat Charnel, a power-mad descendent of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

Earth-616 Evelyn

Out of a Job
Evelyn Necker of Earth-616

The Earth-616 version of Evelyn Necker was recently introduced in Nova #17. Unlike her Earth-8410 counterpart, this version of Evelyn is kind, caring and benevolent. She works for Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. and is currently in the midst of completing the Minion (Death's Head II) Project using the Death's Head 3.0 legionnaires that survived the fallout of World War Hulk. Ever since Nova (Richard Rider), The Xandarian Worldmind, Darkhawk and Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) and the new Nova Corps saved Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. from The Skrulls, Evelyn has become deeply involved in their lives. She was able to restore Quasar's Quantum Form, and even though she tried to help an out of control Darkhawk he fled in fear of hurting anyone else.

When Worldmind took control of Ego, the Living Planet and stripped Richard of all his powers Evelyn ran as many tests as possible to determine the odd side-effects he was experiencing of having lost his powers only to discover that his cellular structure was decaying and that he would be dead in no less than 48 Hours. She also tried to free Richard's brother Robbie and Centurion Irani Rael of Worldmind's influence but was stopped from doing so by several mind-controlled members of the newly reestablished Nova Corps.

Shortly after that Norman Osborn had HAMMER shut Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. down for good, when Nova came to visit her he was nearly arrested by HAMMER until Evelyn intervened and was able to convince them that he was her boyfriend. She took Richard to a secluded location (an abandoned outdoor Movie Theatre) only to reveal that there was much more underneath the surface...a massive laboratory to be exact.

Evelyn Necker: Agent of A.I.M.

When Richard learned that Evelyn was a member of A.I.M., he refused her offer to help cure him of his illness because he knew that even though Evelyn herself would not ask for anything in return A.I.M. would. As Richard was leaving the compound Evelyn ran after him and gave him The Quantum Flask which held Quasar's essence inside of it in the hopes that he would be able to use it in some way to cure his illness. Richard thanked Evelyn, who told him to call her Eve and the two kissed.

A Kiss Goodbye

After that Richard smashed The Quantum Flask onto the ground, despite Evelyn's pleas, in order to keep A.I.M. from ever trying to retrieve it once they learned that Evelyn had given it away. But when he did Quasar's Quantum Energy Form appeared before them both after having returned from his trip to The Realm of Oblivion in order to stop his old arch-enemy Maelstrom from freeing both himself and the demonic Dragon of the Moon.

Quasar tried to explain everything but was going too fast for Richard and Evelyn to comprehend what had happened. After calming down Quasar gave Richard the Quantum Bands and Evelyn witnessed Richard's transformation into the new Quasar.


Neither version of Evelyn Necker demonstrated any super-human powers, but both have a genius-level intellect. Necker is an expert in Biology, Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, and Weapons Engineering. She is also a capable surgeon. She has access to various types of advanced weaponry, some created by herself and others by her colleagues in AIM.

Necker uses various body armors, hand-weapons, bombs and breathing equipment in battle. Like all her robotic creations, she is equipped with time travel devices and can track specific targets through time with high precision. She seems comfortable in combat situations and may have received formal combat training by AIM.

The Earth-8410 version has access to time travel equipment, and ample experience with using it, preventing her from becoming disoriented by jaunts through time.

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