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Eve as she originally appeared along with her raven Edgar Allen

Eve was the third wife of Adam, and the mother to Cain and Abel.

She lives in her cave in the Dreaming with Dream's Raven; there have been many ravens, Lucien was the first ever and the current is Matthew. At one point in the series it is pointed out that the Dreaming belongs as much to Eve as it does to Dream himself. In the original 1970's comics she had a raven named Edgar Allen.

Like Cain and Abel, Eve was not meant to be a literal representation of her biblical namesakes, however later comics made this more ambiguous.

She frequently hosted stories in titles such as Secrets of Haunted House, Weird Mystery Tales and Plop!.


Eve was created by Michael Wm Kaluta and Gardner Fox to host the Secrets of Sinister House as well as appearing along side Cain and Abel on other horror anthologies. She was later revamped in The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman where she took on a more elegant appearance from her previous crone look.

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