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Eve is Lola's sister, and a protagonist of the Vertigo title Junk Culture.


Eve was created by Ted McKeever.

Character Evolution

Eve and Lola were created by two scientists - Dr Chandelier and Dr Romero - as part of an experiment to make the perfect synthetic soldier, a "combat robot with a heart." But the experiment went awry, and the original bio-mechanical foetus split into two, resulting in twin girl cyborgs. Unfortunately, this split also resulted in a division of characteristics: one twin contained all the good, accurate, functioning parts while the other contained all the bad, amoral or malfunctioning qualities of a combat robot.

Eve is the "good twin", and is more well balanced than her twin sister Lola, often being the only person who can get through to her. She is the leader of the two, and very successful as a combat robot, having a natural gift for leadership and an inherent ability to fight - both unarmed, and with weapons.

Major Story Arcs

Eve is not involved in any major story arcs.

Powers and Abilities

Because she is a combat cyborg, Eve is a master of weapons, and possesses super strength.

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