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Eva used to have the mutant power to transform into a black liquid substance but on M-day she was changing forms when she lost her powers, and now half her body is flesh and half is black liquid.


Eva was created for Ivan Brandon's Wolverine story Underneath

Major Story Arc


When Wolverine is out trying to get drunk and forget his trouble he is approached by Elixir, and later by Eva, who buys him a drink. Wolverine ditches Elixir for Eva and the two make love. The next morning Eva reveals she needs Wolverines help to take down a mutant that has been poisoning ex-Morlocks.

Wolverine takes the job and Elixir tags along. When they find the mutant that Eva wants them to kill it turns out to be General Meltdown and whats worse Eva has been working with him. She emits to Wolverine and Elixir, that after M-day many Morlocks were dieing. At first she thought that Meltdown was truly helping them but when she learned he was still killing the Morlocks she didn't stop him.

Now she was begging Wolverine and Elixir to kill Meltdown and herself for what they have done. Wolverine tries to kill Meltdown but he is not able, not until Elixir infects Meltdown with all the radiation he infected the Morlocks with. Now powerless Wolverine is easily able to kill the villain. But he will not kill Eva making her live with her choices.

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