New 52 Etrigan Respect Thread

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In November 2011, the New 52 and now began a new direction was taken to the superheroes of DC, principally for one of twisted character in comics: Etrigan.

Let's take a look at the new Etrigan feats in this new universe:

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Demon Knights 0

Take the crown of the Prose Demons in a death contest with their best warriors.

Demon Knights 1

Hellfire Breath.

Demon Knights 2

Shown his wings. Explode a heraldic Dragon inside out.

Burns a Pterodactyl.


Demon Knights 3

Etrigan not only produce fire,but also have a burning touch that leaves Father Theod with demonic wounds which would comndening it to Hell.

Demon Knights 6

Burns a dinosaur horde to save Exoritos.

Demon Knights 7

After being touched by Etrigan Father Theod goes to Hell.

Goes berserk against Questing Queen's army.

Demon Knights 11

Amped by dark magic burns a of wolf's pack to the bones (despite being amped it isn't out of character)

Demon Knights 12

Kills the Demon Knights

Demon Knights 15

Withstand a lightning strike.

Demon Knights 18-19

Burns down Cain's army.

Demon Knights 21

Tanked blows from giants.

Stormwatch 0

Battling the Fin Assassins.

Stormwatch 1

Killing which seems to be demons.

Stormwatch 13

Apparently his presence brings out the worst of someone as demonstrated,when residents of a building starts to kil each other. Also is mentioned the muders happens since the foundation of the building.

Knocked out Midnighter with a slap.

Stormwatch 14

Withstood Apollo's solar blast.

Projects enough hellfire to down a building,although mentioning that his powers are diminished.

Shown to have limited precognition abilities.

Taking attacks of the surrounding area,which is controlled by Jack Hawksmoor.


Took a blow from Midnighter.

Swamp Thing 28

In 12th century Jason Blood offers a immortality elixir to a king which is used in Cappucine,whose become a warrior and a legend through the centuries,but evrything comes with a price because she's destinated to be Etrigan's slave.

Teen Titans 24

In 12th century beats up Raven.

Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger 9

Plays the Hell Song to summons Stranger's worst sentiments out.

@van_cere: Here ya mate!!

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Nice post! I am hoping for more Etrigan feats in the New 52 soon. (hopefully he shows up in Swamp Thing eventually if nothing else.)

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wow, the main man makes again!

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@matchesmalone21: This thread is worthless because you didn't mention how Etrigan macks on Xanadu or how he broke the fourth wall.

But seriously, good feats. I mesn, Etrigan is a LOT weaker than he used to be but maybe he will get a solo and show better feats. Though I am liking the ability to force someone's soul to be dragged into Hell.

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